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With our world-class expertise in wireless communication models, our consulting services can provide things you never thought possible. Whether it’s a simple prototype or a complex product design, our team can help integrate our core technologies into your systems, acting as your strategic partner throughout the design process.

Get state-of-the-art, cost-effective antenna design and manufacturing for volumes under 100k to over 500k.

  • Printed, flex, stamped metal, laser directed structures/lasered structure plating, 2-shot plated, hybrid semi-rigid manufacturing technologies
  • In-house measurement capabilities for differentiated circuit, passive radiated, and signaling mode conducted measurements
  • Development using Cadence OrCAD and PTC Creo Parametric
  • In-house developed (and perfected) simulator with MIMO antenna system capability

PCB Design

Experienced team with world-class expertise in printed circuit design from DC to 120GHz

  • Microstrip, co-planar, grounded-co-planar, embedded waveguide design
  • Through-hole and HDI wiring, using staggered or stacked VIAs
  • Semi-rigid PCB substrate stacks are made with homogenous FR4, Teflon, or Rogers and with focus on impedance control.
  • Hybrid stacks made for 24GHz and above
  • Designed using Cadence OrCAD Pro